RFC Header James Ball

James Ball

Fri Aug 26 - 9:30 PM

with Katie-Ellen Humphries & Wes Lord

Like a killer microbrew or a one-of-a-kind marble floor, James Ball is a smooth original.

His moves are graceful, but his act is trippy. One-liners. Two-liners. Eye-liners. Ocean-liners. Absurd premises. Odd scenarios. Profound dick jokes. Still reading?

Picture a laid-back dude with the imagination of a baby, the wisdom of a Zen-themed desk calendar, the timing of a Cirque Du Soleil acrobat, and the charisma of a suave librarian.

He's performed at Just For Laughs and the Halifax Comedy Festival. He's taped a half-hour Comedy Now special. He's told jokes from Victoria to St John's. But somehow skipped Winnipeg.

Goals for the Victoria Fringe: Hang out. Make friends. Lean against things. Get laughs.

See you there.


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